The Foundation organizes a series of training sessions, conferences and networking activities yearly. Open to the non-profit sector as a whole, these workshops allows the emergence of a dynamic and committed community of practice. 

Through Philagora, the Foundation offers a different way of supporting organizations whose training budgets are often limited or non-existent. The popularity and growing reputation of this program confirm the appetite of the non-profit sector for learning, capacity development and networking.

The curriculum evolves constantly: we favour tailor-made workshops, in collaboration with experienced trainers who are sensitive to our particular challenges. These training sessions are also highly valued networking opportunities for organizations: they meet peers, exchange good practices, find mentors, and even can sow the seeds for joint projects.

NEW: 2018-2019 CALENDAR

September 5@7 networking for emerging leaders
October The Art of focused conversation
November Beg and Brag breakfast – Collaborative management
December Beg and Brag breakfast – Volunteers management
January Impact gaps canvas, presentation of the tool
February Beg and Brag breakfast – Sponsorship
April Recruitment
May Storytelling


Workshops are offered in Montreal, in French. 

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Please note that this series is only open to people working in the non-profit sector, employees, board members or members of other committees, who formally represent the organization.

We will not be able to accept registrations from supporting actors (consultants, self-employed individuals, occasional volunteers). We thank you for your understanding.

For each workshop, detailed information (date, time, location and description) will be provided in the invitation sent at the beginning of the registration period, one month before the event. 

Please note that space is limited and fill up quickly. Register quickly!

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