Every activity of the Foundation depends on commitment. This is why employee community involvement represents an important aspect of the Foundation’s organizational life.

Social Action Day

Every year, the Foundation’s employees take part in Social Action Day. The main objectives of this event, organized by a committee of employees, are to:

  • Mobilize employees around the Foundation’s mission
  • Strengthen team spirit by helping others
  • Encourage employees to get involved in their community
  • Provide tangible assistance to organizations

For the past two years, the Foundation's staff has chosen to receive local organizations at the Museum of ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier giving their beneficiaries the opportunity to discover a brand new museum, participate in activities imagined by the employees and create an object in the Fab Lab. A day of wonderful interactions and learning for all, guests and visitors!

Here is the testimony of Émilie, social worker at Les Petits frères de Sherbrooke: "Thank you for giving us the chance to spend such a beautiful day in such good company. Our participants were very impressed with the quality of the welcome, and the activities throughout the day. When we came home, we took a few minutes to make a feed-back of the visit and the testimonies were moving and grateful. The majority of them had never had the chance to visit the museum, and they will never forget it! "

The concept of this special day has evolved since its creation in 2007. The first years were dedicated to manual work, gardening, painting, cooking, etc., within the organizations themselves. But we were aware that not all organizations were able to receive our large team and that we were putting some pressure on them for the planning ahead of the activities. So we decided to change our approach. Now it's our turn to receive the organizations on our premises! We are happy and very proud to have hosted 10 local organizations so far.