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All the work of the First Peoples Innovation Centre is articulated around two words: innovation and pride.
Innovation depends on different ways of doing things: the FPIC does not implement projects that have already been thought out and developed, but carries them out in close collaboration with community members. It accompanies social entrepreneurs who invest in improving their community’s living conditions. 
Pride translates into the emergence of projects such as Fab Lab ONAKI: intended for vulnerable students or dropouts ages 15 to 25, Fab Lab ONAKI offers them the chance to become familiar with manufacturing tools, both traditional, such as a hammer or sculpting tools, and on the technological cutting edge, such as 3D printers. This multifaceted project seeks to enhance the cultural identity and engagement of First Nations youth, while putting them on the path to possible careers. 
The First Peoples Innovation Centre is very innovative in its interventions and devotes a lot of time to sharing its learning, so that other organizations and communities throughout Québec can be inspired by it.

Discover the impact of the brand new Fab Lab Onaki on the first cohort by clicking on the link in the right-hand column.