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In 2008, La Fondation Jean Lapointe made the decision to dedicate its efforts – and a large portion of the funds it raises – to the prevention of problems related to alcohol and drug consumption by young people in school.
Alcohol and drug consumption is omnipresent among secondary school students. In the first year of secondary school, 26% consume alcohol and 8% take drugs. These figures increase significantly over the next four years, because in Secondary 5, 89% drink alcohol and 51% take drugs. 
The experience acquired by the organizations with which La Fondation Jean Lapointe collaborates shows the direct impact of dependencies on academic results and school perseverance. By offering workshops that equip parents and teachers, in addition to raising youth awareness. La Fondation Jean Lapointe multiplies the impact of the interventions and allows a better understanding of the risks related to drug addiction. 

Four young people have agreed to do a hidden camera experiment to help demonstrate that getting drugs is a lot easier than you think. View their experience by clicking on the link in the right column (French).