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The J. Armand Bombardier Foundation is proud to support the Crabtree Corner program, established 30 years ago. Crabtree Corner’s purpose is to support women and families living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. From transitional housing to strengthening parenting skills, a collective kitchen and violence prevention workshops, the participants come there to improve their health, feel more connected and give themselves the means to make the right choices. 
Through front-line services, the organization integrates women into programs intended to develop their autonomy. This vision radiates in every aspect of Crabtree Corner. 
The program: 
• favours hiring of former participants who become positive role models for their peers; 
• invites participants to acquire job experience through volunteer positions; 
• develops the women’s sense of responsibility by involving them more in decisions regarding the enrichment and evaluation of programs.  

After running away from an abusive house, Sarah, 15, lived on the street with her eight-month-old daughter, surviving as a sex worker. Then she discovered YWCA Crabtree Corner, where she found the support she needed to rebuild her life. Watch her testimony by clicking on the link in the right column.