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Despite the major advances in the suicide prevention field, major needs persist. Over the past five years, JEVI has faced a 142% increase in calls on its telephone intervention line. This increase also has an impact on the growth of demand for other intervention services. In itself, this increase is good news, because more and more people dare to ask for help before committing the irreparable and know where to seek the help required. 
To maintain the quality and professionalism of its services, JEVI devotes a lot of energy to deepening its team’s training and developing its interventions. The organization relies on the best professional practices in Québec and on training developed with the expertise of the Association Québécoise de prévention du suicide du Québec (AQPS).
This commitment to continuous improvement, combined with major efforts to consolidate its organizational structure, are factors that explain the ongoing commitment of the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation to the organization.

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