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Program: Hunger doesn't take a holiday

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The last few years at Moisson Montréal are synonymous with innovation and progress: new projects are being added and continuous improvements are made to the initiatives already in place. The fight against food waste has become one of the organization’s causes, translating into the establishment of many food recovery partnerships with grocery stores and merchants. In particular, this has allowed the introduction of regular distribution of protein. 
Moisson Montréal is always looking for innovative solutions to maximize donations and increase its capacity for receiving, preserving and distributing foodstuffs. Every year, the organization distributes $86 million of foodstuffs to more than 257 organizations on the Island of Montréal. Every month, 641,000 people benefit from Moisson Montréal’s support. Every day, about 85 volunteers donate their time to Moisson Montréal. 

Watch a video of Moisson Montréal published on GoodnessTV, and read Isabelle Renaud's testimony as a coordinator of the Auberge du coeur le Tournant. Click on the links in the right column (French).