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 REVIVRE's spokepersons: Pierre Craig, Véronique Bannon, Stefie Shock

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Half of mental health problems appear before age 14 and three quarters before age 24. This is why it is essential to act quickly to prevent young people from seeing their mental condition deteriorate and their illness become chronic. Revivre thus increasingly works for early intervention with people living with a mental health disorder, particularly by reaching them actively on social networks. 
The organization has also launched the J’avance! program, which offers support for self-management of health via five psycho-education workshops. These workshops, designed by Revivre in collaboration with a research team and many experts, are offered by Revivre in the Montréal region and by about twenty partner organizations in different regions of Québec.

In 2016, Revivre celebrated its 25th anniversary. Several people who have received support from the organization express their deep gratitude. Watch the video by clicking on the link in the right column (French).