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Concerned about adapting to the changing face of homelessness and the many needs expressed by street people, L’Accueil Bonneau established the Carrefour multiservice. This is a hospitable place that welcomes, informs, and creates exchanges and socialization spaces. The users have access to an Internet cafe, a library, an art studio and a music studio, training rooms and much more. This place’s concept seeks to create a physical and symbolic gateway between the street and social reintegration of people in a homeless situation in Montréal. It clearly demonstrates L’Accueil Bonneau’s ability to adapt to a new reality, but also the necessity of developing partnerships to innovate and meet the needs. 
L'Accueil Bonneau also manages 165 studios distributed among four homes, where people who are taking their first steps to autonomy are welcomed, supervised and followed up while paying a low rent. A trust service is also accessible to nearly 200 people a year to assist them in managing their finances, as well as a training and socio-occupational integration program to facilitate entry into the job market. 

"I lost my father 15 years ago. The street took him." Read Alexandre's testimony by clicking on the link in the right column (French).