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The only one of its kind, the Wapikoni Mobile travels to Indigenous youth, to offer them workshops combining objectives of social intervention, skills development and artistic expression. The mobile studio is a youth centre with immense drawing power. In this safe space, people living with difficult personal and family situations benefit from nearby support.
The organization’s holistic and inclusive approach is a major success factor that carries the young people’s potential further. The project’s success means that many participants have chosen to pursue their postsecondary education in related fields (film, video production, screenwriting, etc.). 
By its innovative approach adapted to Indigenous realities, the Wapikoni Mobile develops relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. By building on pride and the transmission of knowledge, it offers Indigenous youth paths for hope and personal development. The program enjoys growing visibility, as well as extending its geographic outreach. 

Beyond art and freedom of expression, video and music become powerful social transformation tools for Indigenous youth. Watch the video by clicking on the link in the right column and read Irene Kimberley's story.