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Over the years, La Maison du Parc has become a reference regarding the cause of HIV-AIDS, making the sharing and transfer of experience and expertise one of its priorities. Every year, interns from Québec and elsewhere come to La Maison du Parc to familiarize themselves with this organization’s community intervention. 
Strongly rooted in its community, La Maison du Parc maintains close ties with the healthcare sector. Thanks to the shelter it offers, many hospitalizations are avoided and quality care is provided to those who are most in need. 
Finally, over the past few years, La Maison du Parc’s caseworkers have observed an increase in the number of problems experienced by users, in addition to disease-related complications, such as dependencies, mental health problems, poverty, crime, homelessness… These issues drive the team to adapt continuously to the new needs. 

Watch the moving testimony of Yves Demers, resident of la Maison du Parc, by clicking on the link in the right column (French).