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Staying True, Staying the Course, Lessons From 10 Successful Community Service  Organizations in British Columbia, 1997-2008. It is not sufficient for a voluntary community service organization to merely survive the vagaries of funding or the turbulence of constantly changing social conditions. The challenge is not only to survive, but to do so with the organization's integrity intact.
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Financial Stewardship: A Critical Board Responsibility,Teresa Barrett, December 2011/January 2012, pp.29-33.  Financial stewardship is critical to success for the association’s strategic direction. And financial stewardship falls to the Board. 
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A list of websites for your reference.
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The NPO 20 Questions Series. This series provides questions that directors of not-for-profit organizations should ask about important issues in non-profit governance.

Governance is a key factor in an organization’s success. An effective board of directors is a valuable ally for any management team. 

Adopting best practices in governance lays a solid footing for the organization’s mission and vision and ensures its good financial and organizational health, contributing to its sustainability.