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icon pds pdf Social Reporting Standard (SRS)
A guide to results-based reporting. Developped in Germany, it is commonly used by social organisations to show their results to donors, investors and other interested parties. 

icon pds site Radicle
Radicle is a new quarterly digest of R&D from across the social impact world. It is curated by the SIG team and funded by The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. Subscription is free.

icon pds site Charities and their impact on our quality of life
Imagine Canada's article relates that according to the 2016 UN World Happiness Report, Canada is the 6th happiest country in the world.

icon pds site ABSI Connect Kit
ABSI Connect seeks to amplify the initiatives of the social, economic and ecological that challenge successfully the status quo in Alberta. Kate Letizia, Aleeya Velji Cornelisse and Lesley have put together several tools and resources in response to what they have learned and heard about social innovation Alberta.

icon pds bibliographies Long Story Short. The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need, Sasquatch Books, 2015, 292p. With a fun, irreverent, and infographic approach, this guide breaks a story into concrete components with ways to improve content, structure, emotional impact, and delivery through personal anecdotes, relatable examples, and practical exercises.

icon pds bibliographies Storytelling. A Storytelling System To Deliver Inspiring ans Unforgettable Speeches, Brad Jones, HRD Publishing, 2015, 44p. This book is going to help you harness this amazing power and use it to touch the lives of others.

icon pds bibliographies Business Storytelling for Dummies, Karen Dietz and Lori Silverman, Wiley, 2014, 374p. Storytelling is as much an art form as it is a science. It's not linear. The authors wanted to give you the latest, greatest information and tips on the subject. This means there are topics in this book that you may not find anywhere else.

icon pds site Stories Worth Telling. A Guide to Storytelling for Non-Profits
Every non-profit organization will want to read this guide thoroughly and refer to it often. This guide is for many of the storytellers in your organization. It includes seven chapters and a lot of resources. Capacity Canada offers you the opportuniy to download the latest version of this guide.

icon pds pdf Theory of change. A thinking and action approach to navigate in the compexity of social change process, Iñigo Retolaza Eguren, UNDP et HIVOS, 2011, 90p.This document aims to be a guide to help to
direct the design of a Theory of Change applied to social change processes.

icon pds site Centre for social impact
Theory of change
Venture philanthropy recognises that finding solutions to complex social issues is a complex task in itself. Collaboration across sectors and organisations is essential and there is a strong focus on ongoing learning and evolution as an outcome of philanthropic investment.

Organizations are often more comfortable pursuing their mission and carrying out their program than spreading the word on their actions.

A multitude of communications and evaluation tools are available. By browsing  through various options, organizations can chose the tools that best suit their reality, that best reflect the scope of their actions and that best translate the importance of their work to stakeholders.